December 21

Tenth Doctor/David Tennant (Doctor Who)

for bikesandbunnies

WELL THAT’S NICE, ANOTHER ONE THAT APPARENTLY CHANGED THEIR URL. 8) funnnnnnnn OH WELL. I hope this turned out okay! XD I chose the 10th Doctor btw, in case someone can’t tell. hghgjk AND NICE TIE, HUH? 8)


December 1

Non-cheesy/porny Destiel

For 59-14xdaniel

AND SO IT BEGINS. This one was a tiny bit rushed ‘cause it’s rather late here, and I hadn’t had time to draw anything earlier today. XD BUT YEH, I’m kinda satisfied, it didn’t really turn out like I wanted it to, and I haven’t really decided on the finished style for this year’s calendar… Anywayssssssss it’s done. 8) I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, DANIEL.

Also; as you might notice the numbers this year is not as sneaky as last year. XD I wanted to try something different. Yep.



I had this stupidly ridiculous idea for a Gatiss Advent Calendar, because well.. is there a better Christmas present?

Excuse the ugliness of this. It was knocked up quickly and it is horrific.

Feel free to steal the idea, and actually make it pretty.


December 3

Demon!Sam and Demon!Dean

For hinfallend

OH MY GOD I’M SO LATE WITH THIS. It isn’t even the 3rd here anymore, wow. XD HALF AN HOUR LATE jfhfjkf But yeh….I had fun with this! It didn’t turn out exactly like I had planned, but I’m pretty satisfied with the end result. I HOPE I DID GOOD TODAY AS WELL.


December 4

House or Wilson or House + Bally

For yourresidentginger

As always…it’s pretty late. HEH. I’VE STILL GOT HALF AN HOUR UNTIL MIDNIGHT OVER HERE, IT’S COOL, I CAN DO IT. jfhjf Anyways! I tried to fit ALL three of the requests in here, I hope that’s okay HERP DERP 8—) Also, I haven’t seen the latest seasons of House yet so I don’t know how to do “in character” for that, but YEH. I hope this is somewhat what you wanted!! Wilson turned out a bit small-looking, woops.