Consider Yourself One Of Us. [x]

Never thought that I would ever see a Cyberman playing twister…don’t tell me that I have a twisted mind if the second and the third picture are awkward *SBAFF*

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December 15

Seth/Kelly (Misfits)

for weholls

Wooooo, this turned out kinda good… XD WARNING; I’ve never watched Misfits (I probably will soon, though, ‘cause it sounded really interestingggg 8D) so they’re probably OOC and….weird, I dunno. XD I hope it looks okay, at least! Haaah, their clothes does NOT fit, red and orange. XDDDDD But yeah…I wanted to do those clothes on Kelly since they feel the most Misfits-ish, and the christmas sweater just…turned out to be red. XD I HOPE IT’S GOOD ENOUGH.

AHHHHHHHHH !!!! Oh my god, it’s awesome ! You’ve made my day, they are sooo adorable \o/ AND ! I am right after CaptainImaginary’s one >.< I’m gonna die of happiness now @w@


December 21

Tenth Doctor/David Tennant (Doctor Who)

for bikesandbunnies

WELL THAT’S NICE, ANOTHER ONE THAT APPARENTLY CHANGED THEIR URL. 8) funnnnnnnn OH WELL. I hope this turned out okay! XD I chose the 10th Doctor btw, in case someone can’t tell. hghgjk AND NICE TIE, HUH? 8)

C’mon guys ! Their happiness is contagious or what ! I want to dance in my room now ! But I can’t dance…and my parents are going to wake up if I make too much noise…But I’m happy…this video makes people feel happy…

Dear gods, I do love this video, I’ve watched it again and again, it’s hilarious XD


The traditional decorating of the christmas tree chemistry equipment. I love how pleased he is with himself :D

*dies from cuteness* More I discover this Sherlock, more I love him !


Merry Christmas everyone!

Well…I haven’t seen snow for a while but…8D

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merry christmas!!! with all the boyfrands!! (and anderson and donovan for some reason)

Charlie and the Doctor’s Badger - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC Three (par BBC)

I’ve already watched this video a lot of times but just noticed that Matt says that “Badger and otters respectively are [his] animals.” Otters @_@ So that’s why he is friend with Benedict isn’t he ? Yeah…it’s really not because they are both awesome *SBAFF*