okay, this is EXACTLY What this scene was about.

This is far better than the version of the episode XDDDD

“I waited twenty years to be in Doctor Who - it’s his second job!”
- Mark Gatiss on Colin Morgan as Jethro in Doctor Who, LMAO. They were on stage together in The Old Vic’s All About My Mother. (via housesolidor)



9 Reasons Why People Think This Show is Gay

#1 - Undressing with a look
#2 - Blatant leering at the royal bottom
#3 - Gratuitous showing off of body
#4 - Pantless assaults on manservant
#5 - Loving embraces
#6 - Secret glances
#7 - Foot fetishes
#8 - Eye fuckage
#9 - Wanting manservant when naked