It’s like : “I can’t stay in pyjamas even if it’s comfortable ! Well…I have a dressing gown and I like de way it moves when I run, yeah ! A long coat is perfect ! A shirt is a shirt, just have to put something clean. And I want to have something around the neck, a tie is going to be perfect. Shoes well…still shoes. So, it’s okay, not bad at all. Very weird face…with new teeth. But it’s going to be okay I think.”

Damn, it is awesome !






The last three Doctors are awesome Hamlet…well, two of them are awesome Hamlet, the third one has Charlie the badger, it’s awesome too ! XD

…Okay, I’m gonna die right now…(busy day today, I’ve fainted and died twice…)

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Exclusive Trailer for Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate (par digitaltheatre)

…Do want ! But can’t have T-T I’m gonna add this to the Hamlet DVD, the Sherlock complete series, the Misfits complete series and the amount of goodies =w= WHY did I have to discover the fantastic British series ! WHY ?!

These two are awesome, such a great friendship. She is so my favorite companion in the 10th era seriously *w*


December 21

Tenth Doctor/David Tennant (Doctor Who)

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WELL THAT’S NICE, ANOTHER ONE THAT APPARENTLY CHANGED THEIR URL. 8) funnnnnnnn OH WELL. I hope this turned out okay! XD I chose the 10th Doctor btw, in case someone can’t tell. hghgjk AND NICE TIE, HUH? 8)

Dear gods, I do love this video, I’ve watched it again and again, it’s hilarious XD

"The last one was John Barrowman blog I think though" XDDDD

David Tennant expressions are priceless x)

I love this video soooo much XD David Tennant + Catherine Tate + Talk Show = Epic Win !

Comic Relief - Catherine Tate & David Tennant (par BBC)

I saw this video soooooo many times, but I’m never bored of it XD